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Monday, June 11, 2012


Assalamualaikum to everyone.

Okey first of all macam speechless jadinya bila bukak blog kali.Wahh setting semua dah baru..punya la berkurun tak bukak blog kan..I have to encourage myself more to write more often..Huargghhh...tengok baru berapa patah dah ngantuk ekekekee..

Frankly,this blog has been neglected due to workloads,and lack of time to update.Life has been super crazy since I have new boy -Aniq.Trust me,Aqil alone je pun boleh pusing kepala ekekek.There are so many things to share on this blog..but maybe its not in this entry..kena bertenang tarik nafas dulu..

For the time being..kindly follow YellowKitchen on Facebook eh..I've updated a lot of new cake design.
Will update more on this blog from time to time.[WILL PUSH MYSELF TO] ahahahha...

So everyone,take care and have a nice day ahead! Huggs ~~

Nazz Aziz  :)


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